Frequently Asked Questions

Clean My Record℠ only works with Georgia criminal records at this time. You will need to contact an attorney in the State where you were convicted.

Probably not. Most of our work does not require a court hearing. It does require patience though, since oftentimes we have to wait for the government to act on our requests.

Cases that were dismissed PRIOR to 2013 still show up on a person’s GCIC and the clerk’s records. That means that private background companies can still view the records. Cases dismissed AFTER 2013 should automatically be restricted and sealed, but sometimes they aren’t.

Yes it should, but no, this happens all the time. The First Offender status needs to be restricted from your GCIC and sealed by the Clerk of the sentencing court.

For cases after July 2016, an attorney can submit the sealing order at sentencing. If this didn’t happen, or for a sentence prior to July 2016, a Petition needs to be filed to completely seal the charge.

Yes they can! We specialize in assisting individuals with felony convictions to apply for pardons with the Georgia Board of Pardons and Parole.

Additionally, a new law called “Retroactive First Offender” is now in effect, which provides for individuals weren’t aware of the First Offender statute to be resentenced as a First Offender. The conviction has to be for a crime that would meet the requirements of the First Offender law.

Yes they can! This is great news, especially for people who are seeking a professional license or security clearances. Everyone can request that two lifetime misdemeanors be restricted and sealed from their record. Some misdemeanors, such as DUI, theft (except shoplifting) and sex crimes do not qualify.

Fees start at $350 for an analysis of an individual’s criminal history. Attorney Karen Shelley obtains and reviews the record and summarizes the potential and probability of success for restricting & sealing each charge.

Should you decide to move forward, fees range from $1750 upwards. The initial screening fee of $350 is deducted from the total cost and included in the fee agreement.

Our Process

STEP 1 - Obtain The Record

The first thing we do is obtain a copy of your criminal record, there’s no better place to start but the beginning. Our team will analyze your record and let you know what can be erased.

STEP - 2 Analyze The Record

Many convictions, arrests, dismissals and “dead dockets” can be wiped away. Even though cases were “dismissed” or “nolle prossed” or “first offender” in court, the arrest and charges could still be showing up on your record.

STEP 3 - Clean The Record

Georgia Law now provides for felonies and misdemeanor convictions to be restricted and sealed (formerly known as expunged). There are several methods available depending on each person’s individual criminal history.

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